Welcome to Active Minds at Augustana College!


Active Minds is a nationally recognized organization that has hundreds of chapters at colleges and universities nationwide.  Students a part of active minds at Augustana are here to spread awareness and education on mental health to students across campus. With representatives from fraternities, sororities, atheltic teams, music departments, as well as multiple clubs on campus, the members of Active Minds' job is to change the conversation about mental health. For more information about Active minds see our About page.  Interested in becoming a member of active minds? See our Contact page!




We are currently looking for Group Liasions!

What is a liasion?

- Brings information about your group events to Active Minds.

- Would bring resources about mental health and Active Minds events to individual groups. 

- Would create active leadership roles for students to operate as liasions as well as advocates. 

- Resume Builder 

- Allows students to become more involved in an extra-curricular group and be more than just a member. 

- Create an all-around more concientious and mindful campus community.



  An estimated 26 percent of Americans ages 18 and older – or about 1 in 4 adults -

live with a diagnosable mental health disorder.





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